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Our intention is to assist individuals, couples, families and business groups to choose to BE by Design™, by living the motto of ‘How I BE Is Up to Me’™ across any and all aspects of their lives where happiness is not radiating. 


Our goal is to act as a tour guide for each of our guests’ personal, professional and spiritual journeys. We achieve this by integrating modern psychological practices with eastern philosophical wisdom to enhance:

self-awareness and self-knowing

the relationships people choose to have with themselves and others

spiritual growth

truthful and authentic communication

emotional and physical healing

conscious parenting (both pre and post conception)

Our signature product, the BE by Design™ process acts as the ‘travel guide’, offering a wide range of easy to use tools that enable one to choose thoughts, feelings, words and actions that serve the higher good of the self, loved ones, work groups, the community and ultimately all of humanity.

Our passion is to be of service in ways to live a life filled with love, compassion, forgiveness, health, knowingness and bliss. 

~ Christine McKee, Director